Welcome to American Government Simulation! AGS is no longer in operation but you are welcome to view the sites forum which contains several years worth of archives. It is located here.

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The American Government Simulation is no longer in operation and there are currently no plans to re-start AGS. The Administrative Council will no longer be approving new accounts nor will the Administrative Council be handling any technical requests from current members. The only part of the forums that will be active is the PM feature and the Tavern; both of which current members are free to use.

If you are a visitor to this site you are welcome to view the archives of AGS but we regret to inform you that there is little chance AGS will return. There is no ‘successor’ simulation to AGS as nothing has or will come close to capturing the success that AGS has seen in its nearly 10 years in operation. There are several other forum based political simulations currently in operation if you have come here seeking an active game. While here we ask that you do not plagiarize any of our former members work for your own needs.


The Administrative Council of the American Government Simulation

Author: Southerlyn on Saturday, 22 December 2012